The Benefits of Leasing

Preserve Working Capital & Lines of Credit

Leasing is not a bank loan and does not tie-up your existing credit facility. Preserve your working capital. Many successful companies like to conserve their working capital and lines of credit for other expenses such as rent, wages, utilities, and supplies. A good rule of thumb used by these companies is; if it appreciates BUY IT, but if it depreciates LEASE IT.

Maximize Your Income
and Minimize Your Taxes

Lease payments are tax deductible and may help reduce your income taxes, helping to keep your tax dollars as profits.

Flexible Terms & Payment Options

We can structure your monthly payments to suit your cash-flow needs. As well you can purchase your equipment at any time during the term.

Maintain a Healthy Cash Flow

No payback period to wait until your equipment starts to earn positive cash-flow. Your leased equipment earns positive cash-flow immediately.

Fixed Monthly Payments

Your monthly payment will never increase. Even if market rates rise during your term, you benefit from a fixed low monthly payment. This hedge against inflation helps keep your operating costs down for years to come.

Sales Tax Deferral

You merely pay sales taxes on the monthly payment and not on the cost of the equipment. This spreads out the sales taxes over the entire term, saving you money today.

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What are the
benefits of leasing?